A Cupcake Shortage

After working in childcare for three years, it always seems that when school begins to come to a close and summer is in sight, the children begin to lose control.  Needless to say, a week into June, I am ready for summer too. This week had felt particularly long because, due to unforeseen circumstances, I … More A Cupcake Shortage

Meet Zee Zoo

Ever since I have taken the course Schooling and Sexual Identities, I have completely changed how I understand and view gender constructs within society.  In this university class, we were asked to question and reflect on what we saw in our day to day lives.  How were different things gendered? How did our society promote heteronormativity? Here … More Meet Zee Zoo

Reward System

About two months ago, I started an extrinsic reward chart for the children at the before and after school program I supervise at.  For each afternoon, if the group was good they would be rewarded a smiley.  They were given three different prizes to work towards, each worth a different amount of smilies. When I … More Reward System

Giving a Message

Over the past few years working in a variety of childcare establishments, I have realized that most children struggle with conflict management.  In my experience, when faced with a conflict, a child may choose to shout or run to an adult for help.  For example, if Child A is yelling next to Child B, Child … More Giving a Message

Kare 4 Kids Log

In an effort to get back into blogging, I am going to try and make a daily post about the before and after school program I work at. Kare 4 Kids has allowed me to hone my skills as an educator.  In the position of supervisor, I have been able to develop my leadership skills … More Kare 4 Kids Log

ECS 410 Assessment in the Field

Describe your philosophy of assessment and evaluation. In describing your philosophy, you are expected to address the theory and practice studied this semester. My philosophy is that if students are engaged with their assessment and evaluation they will take ownership for their learning, resulting in students who are more successful. The inclusion of students in … More ECS 410 Assessment in the Field